Marshals Championship

Marshals Championship

The Solway Car Club Marshals Championship is open to any fully paid up individual member of Solway Car Club marshalling on any MSUK Permitted event from 1st January to 31st December 2022.


1 point – for 12 Car Rallies or Autotests

2 points – for Stage Rallies, Targa Rallies, Hill Rallies, Speed events (such as Sprints or Speed Hillclimbs), and Classic Road Rallies organised by HERO/ERA (such as the Flying Scotsman, Rally of the tests etc)

3 points – on Stage Rallies if carrying out two or more stages or roles in the same day on the same event – EITHER two separate stages or roles, or the same stage used twice.

1 point – for any day spent setting up or breaking down Stage or Targa Rallies, whether on the event itself or not.


The only practical way to manage this championship is by trust. Members should please email the co-ordinator, Allan Edmondson, at with the following details:

▪Name and type of event
▪Marshals role
▪Name of Chief Marshal / Stage Commander/ Clerk of the Course of the event (if known)

The person with the most points, however achieved, will be the champion marshal for the year, winning the Sanny Alexander Memorial Trophy.

If in any doubt of the eligibility of any event, please ask.

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