Autotest & PCT Classes

Autotest & PCT Classes

Class 1
– Engine over driven wheels up to 1400cc
Class 2 – Engine over driven wheels over 1400cc
Class 3 – Front engine, rear wheel drive up to 1400cc
Class 4 – Front engine, rear wheel drive over 1400cc
Class 5 – 4WD, Buggies, Specials up to 1400cc
Class 6 – 4WD, Buggies, Specials over 1400cc

Body shape of vehicles must conform to the original silhouette of the production vehicle and retain the original layout of engine and transmission. Engine size to be no more than 50% extra than the original engine size for that model ( i.e. Mini Max engine size would be 1275 + 673.5 = 1912.5cc maximum engine size). Vehicles not complying with the above will be classified as ‘Specials’.

Autotest Penalties
4 wheel drive & any vehicle fitted with a ‘Non-Free’ Diff (i.e. limited slip, welded or viscous coupling etc) will run in the appropriate class subject to a penalty of 2.5%.

Forced Induction
As per Motorsport UK Yearbook (Blue Book) – cubic capacity x factor of 1.7.

(a) The penalty for knocking over a cone (or moving substantially i.e. more than the width of its own base) is 5 seconds per cone, added to your Test time.

(b) The penalty for going in a wrong direction from the planned course (i.e. getting the test wrong) or not reporting to the start – your time will not count, and you will be awarded the penalty of the fastest time set by a car in your class plus 30 seconds (known as a ‘fastest plus 30’).

(c) For all competitors, the maximum time for each run is the fastest in your class plus 30 seconds (i.e. if your time taken is slower than this you will be awarded a ‘fastest plus 30’ time.)

(d) You have to complete at least 50% of the event to be classed as a finisher. Runs not completed after you have completed 50% of the event, or a non-start of any run, will receive a ‘fastest plus 30’ penalty.

Car Sharing
The maximum number of people sharing one car is four per permit class. (Production Car Autotests and Autotest permits are different events).

Changing Vehicle
Competitors changing vehicle during an event (i.e. if a vehicle breaks down and you using another vehicle): if the vehicle is in same class, that is ok .If vehicle is in a different class, you will not be classed as a finisher in the first class entered or overall results, unless you have completed 50%. If this was so, the rule above would apply.

Results will be announced by the Organiser at the end of the Autotest or PCT. Competitors have the right to query results for 30 minutes after their announcement – thereafter they will stand.

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