President:    Stewart Robertson
Vice Pres:    Norman Gowans
Chairman:    Keith Riddick
Vice Chair:   Scott Peacock
Secretary:    Norman Gowans   Tel: 01556 503334
Treasurer:    May Gowans         Tel: 01556 503334
Comp. Sec:  Keith Riddick         Tel: 07837 579570
Safeguarding Officer: Nancy Dickson

Barbara Armstrong; Albert Connelly; Glen Cunningham; Richard Dickson; Allan Edmondson; Thomas McCarney; Mark McCulloch; Donald Peacock; Kirsty Riddick; Michael Riddick; John Wallace; Iain Wilson; David White.

Committee Members are chosen at the Annual General Meeting and any member is eligible. If you are interested in joining the SCC Committee, let one of the existing committee know and attend the AGM if possible, otherwise tender your apologies but make known your willingness to stand for committee.