Dinner Dance – 26th March

Dinner Dance – 26th March

A good night was had by all in the Arden House, Kirkcudbright, on Saturday 26th March celebrating our 2021 Champions. Thanks to May and Norman Gowans for organising, Glen Cunningham and Leah Gowans for the music, and Billy Coupland and the team at the Arden House for hosting us. A full list of prize winners on the night can be found below.

Overall Champions

2021 Overall Champion
Ron Smith Memorial Trophy
Rab Henderson

2021 Runner-up to Overall Champion
Dick Robson Memorial Cup
Peter Game

2021 3rd Overall
Richard Dickson

2021 Ladies Champion
Grace Orr

2021 Runner-up to Ladies Champion
McMillan Cup
Karen McCarney

2021 3rd Overall Lady
Nancy Dickson

2021 Senior Champion
Dickson Family ‘Still Game’ Trophy
Richard Dickson

2021 Novice Champion
Dalbeattie Civic Trophy
Craig Smith

Perpetual Awards

Chrysler Trophy
David White

McHarg Trophy
Best performance by a Navigator (voted by the committee)
Elliot Edmondson (WRC Co-driver)

Grierson Trophy
Best performance by a Club Member on events out with the Club (voted by the committee)
Mark McCulloch (2021 Scottish Rally Championship 2wd Champion)

Vice-President’s Choice
Worst Luck of the Year
Keith Riddick & Mairi Riddick

Sanny Alexander Award
Marshals Trophy
Ronnie Kirkpatrick

President’s Choice
The Armstrong Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Club
Ronnie Kirkpatrick

Grass Autotests

Grass Autotest Champion
Craigmorn Trophy
Grant Carson

Best performance on 2 events picked at random by the President (Rds 2 & 4)
Robertson Golden Jubilee Cup
Richard Dickson

Novice Autotest Champion
Handicap Cup
Craig Smith

Cone Killer
Peter Game

Grass Autotests
Two Class Wins – Grant Carson
Two Class Wins – Richard Dickson
Two Class Wins – Rab Henderson
Two Class Wins – Thomas McCarney
Two Class Wins – Scott Peacock
One Class Win – Aaron Ferguson
One Class Win – Jack Houston
One Class Win – Karen McCarney
One Class Win – Mark McCulloch
One Class Win – Ron Orr

12 Car Rallies

12 Car Rally Expert Champion Driver
Royal Cup
Scott Peacock (2 class wins)

12 Car Rally Expert Champion Navigator
Solway Car Club Navigators Cup
Keith Riddick (2 class wins)

12 Car Rally Semi-Expert Champion Driver
Rab Henderson (2 class wins)

12 Car Rally Semi-Expert Champion Navigator
Peter Game (2 class wins)

12 Car Rally Novice Champion Driver
Robert Baillie (2 class wins)

12 Car Rally Novice Champion Navigator
Jim Brown (2 class wins)

12 Car Rally – one Novice win
Ron & Grace Orr

12 Car Rally – one Semi-Expert win
Nancy Dickson & Greg Alcorn

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