Minimum Ages

Autotests - 16 years old
16 year olds (and anyone without a Driving Licence) can compete solo, if they prove competence, in a saloon vehicle of maximum 1400cc. (Motorsport UK Yearbook M.13.)

Production Car Autotests - 14 years old
14 year olds, with a passenger who has a licence and Autotest driving experience, can compete in a saloon vehicle of maximum 1600cc. Motorsport UK Yearbook M.17.)

12 Car Rallies
Parental/Guardian liabilities: Parents/Guardians/Guarantors of Drivers Under 18 are now required to sign on at the start of events to enable their child to participate. Note: where a Parent/Guardian/Guarantor is not present there must be a representative who must produce a written and signed authorisation to so act from the Parent/Guardian/Guarantor as appropriate. (Motorsport UK Yearbook H.7)